Война с народом


Год завершения производства: 2016


Россия / Великобритания

Жанр: анимация

Хронометраж: 9 мин.


Сценарий: Ol Right / Brian Rough
Режиссер: Ol Right

Авторы анимации: __________________

Автор музыки: Brian Routh

Главный герой (голос):

Берни Сандерс (Bernie Sanders)



Korotyish USMS, BR Studio (UK)


Brian Routh is a performance/sound artist born 9 March 1948 in Gateshead, County Durham, United Kingdom. He is known for his performance work with Martin von Haselberg as one of The Kipper Kids who became notorious for their rowdy and rebellious performances in the art world.

Oleg Lubske is a screenwriter / director / editor / producer from Russia with Lithuanian/Cossack roots. Ol Right is his artistic name exclusively for short productions which he has made a lot.

This experimental short animation was produced on Brian Routh's soundtrack which uses Bernie Sanders' voice. If somebody doesn't know he's a well-known American politician.

This film is a distant co-operation between Brian Routh & Ol Right and in completely experimental, both in terms of sound and video.

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